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The Welcome Center is open Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm
8035 Bandley Drive, Fountain, CO 80817
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About Us

The Gateway Prayer Garden is a unique place to step out of the busyness and despair of our world into a place of God’s Presence. God began His relationship with the people He created in a beautiful Garden. People are looking for the hope and peace that can only be found in God.  Many who have never known God would be reluctant to enter a church. Even many in the church do not have a clear understanding of what God created them to do. Although many pray, they may doubt their prayers are heard or answered.

The Gateway Prayer Garden is a place where you can come to KNOW GOD and KNOW YOUR PURPOSE

Our Story

The Gateway Prayer Garden in 2017

The Gateway Prayer Garden was started with 25 acres along Fountain Creek. The Gateway Prayer Garden has grown and been developed over the past seven years. It now includes multiple ways to reach those who visit and partner with us to know God and know their purpose through Prayer, Nature, Equipping to have Local and Global impact.

The Gateway Prayer Garden in 2023

About the Founders



Audrey Beckett, and her late husband, Ted, have poured into many lives, established successful businesses, and started ministry organizations for over 50 years.

Their heart was for people to truly experience and know God so that their changed lives can change the world. They took up a challenge to establish a place where people could know God and know His purpose for their lives.

The Becketts donated 25 acres of land and founded the Gateway Prayer Garden in 2016 to build a place for prayer and connection with God.