Vehicle Donation

Vehicles to Donate

Do you have a vehicle you’d like to donate to the Gateway Prayer Garden? 


There are two ways the Gateway Prayer Garden can receive a donated vehicle –

1) You May Transfer the Car Directly to Gateway Prayer Garden. Title is simply transferred to GPG and this way the 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization may use the vehicle for its use. Tax benefits – You may use the full Fair Market Value (FMV) as a tax deduction.

2) You give the car to a reputable third-party organization that we have chosen called “Charity Motors”. The organization sells the vehicle and remits the proceeds to GPG less their commission. Tax Benefits – with the facilitating organization we have chosen to use Charity Motors, you may deduct the full Fair Market Value (FMV) tax deduction when you donate.

Please call us first at 719-375-8099 to first determine which is the most meaningful way your vehicle (car, truck, etc.) can be a blessing to the Gateway Prayer Garden in a simple and convenient manner.

Thank you!
PS. They’ll even pick up the vehicle for you if that is helpful.

The Gateway Prayer Garden is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible as provided for in section 170 of the IRS code.


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