Prayer for Family

The family is God’s primary social institution for blessing the planet. It is the “greenhouse” and proving ground for learning and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.  As goes the family, so goes the culture.

There is no question the family structure in Western society is in a state of breakdown as reflected by hundreds of social science studies, economic, and census data. This destructive trend is exhibited in both faith-based and non-faith-based families. Increasingly larger numbers of children are raised in single parent families, participating in criminal activity, experiencing addictions, and gender confusion.

Starting with the liberalization of civil laws that protected children, minimized divorce, and provided sanction to local community standards, a plethora of traditional societal boundaries for families have fallen.

Families have never been as fragmented as they are today, and our modern cultural progression—or digression, in most cases—continues to wear away at the core unit of society. 


Pray that marriage remains and is restored as the foundation of the family unit.

Pray for healing in marriages fractured by affairs, alcoholism, pornography, drug addictions and other vices the enemy uses to tear husbands and wives apart.

Declare that the Family Mountain will stand for life. Entire culture's futures depend on how well the unborn, the elderly, and the most vulnerable among us are protected.

Renounce family curses from previous generations and release blessings upon the next generation.

Take authority over the spirit of Baal which has three primary components: the sacrifice of children, sexual perversion, and worship of the environment.

Pray for new institutions that will be successful in healing marriages, families, and individuals that don’t require a formal church structure and environment.

Pray for the elevation and honoring of individuals and institutions that provide and promote adoption and child fostering.

Pray for a fear of God and wisdom among judges who often have to make life changing decisions affecting family breakdowns.

Pray in agreement with the prophet Malachi who wrote that “the hearts of the fathers would be turned to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers . . .”

Pray for those experiencing separation from their spouses or siblings due to military service, civil incarceration, or health afflictions.