Prayer for Commerce

Jesus said more about money than He did about love. He talked more about money than He did about Heaven and Hell combined. Eleven of the 39 parables He tells are about finances.

Why is this? It’s because God’s “owns” ALL the assets in the universe and if they are going to be employed in bringing His blessings to mankind, then it’s critical to understand His principles of stewardship and not squander them.

The primary engine of wealth creation is commerce, or business. God is a multiplier and in Jesus’ parable of the talents, he rewards each person according to how he has “grown”, or “multiplied”, what he received.


Lord of the universe, we thank you for providing ALL good things, including material assets. We understand that the appropriate and responsible use of these resources provides the productive wealth and material benefits to fuel the engines of material prosperity, national security, education, health care, personal dignity, charity, and Your Kingdom purposes. Free enterprise, a Biblical concept, is under constant attack and subversion by the adversary.

Pray for the recognition that when an individual is called and gifted to labor in the “Mountain” of commerce, it is a high and holy calling. In fact, every calling and gifting from God is sacred.

Pray that temptations to gather wealth solely for personal gain would be exposed and a spirit of generosity would prevail in our culture unlike any other time in history with business leaders and companies committed to building for the glory of God.

Pray that the world would increasingly experience the reality of God's Word that states the “wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous.” (Proverbs 13:22)

Pray that El Paso County would become known as a city of wealth coupled with a spirit of generosity where the needs of the poor, widows, and orphans are met with abundance.

Recognize that the “love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (I Timothy 6:10), but money itself is not. Pray that the fruits of honest work be conveyed to bless an increasingly larger number of people in our city and state.

Pray that attempts by government to unjustly remove, restrict, or redistribute the creation of wealth be hindered and realigned to protect the stewardship rights of every individual.

Redistribution of wealth was God’s idea first, and when governments try to accomplish it, they always fail. Pray that it be done God’s way or not at all.

Pray that the spiritual, emotional, and relational wealth that many who are physically poor possess would be experienced by those who are materially rich.

Pray that Kingdom-minded leaders in this mountain will learn to receive – and integrate – prayer into their businesses.

Pray for the next generation of entrepreneurs will go boldly where others have not gone before with creative and "true wealth" building activity.