Our Mission and Vision

The Gateway Prayer Garden is a place for people to discover God and committed believers to help find their Kingdom assignments.

GPG & Trail (proposed)We accomplish our Mission by –

• Providing an aesthetically and artistically designed physical environment to pray and seek God.

• Highlighting Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection through an Open Cross and Empty Tomb explaining God's Plan for personal salvation and moving empowerment by the Holy Spirit.

• Continuously proclaiming the Word of God, utilizing both electronic and traditional presentation methods.

• Providing an Inspiring Chapel conducive to experiencing God’s voice and instructions.

• Experiencing God’s champions with a “Hall of Heroes”.

• Proclaiming God’s plans to extend His Kingdom to impact the nations through the 7 Mountains of Cultural Impact with a “Hall of Declaration”.

• Delivering specific, actionable prayer information to equip visitors in defeating the forces of darkness.

• Inviting visitors to leave written prayer requests utilizing a “Jerusalem style” Stone Prayer Wall.

• Assisting believers in determining and responding with obedience to God’s assignments for their lives.

Linking followers of Jesus with other ministries while fostering a spirit of unity among local churches.