October Newsletter 2017

Prayer Garden News

October, 2017

Dear Friends of Gateway,

Exciting and encouraging activities have been occurring . . .

• The Gateway Prayer Garden team hosted the Fountain Valley Pastoral Prayer time last month on site and was greatly blessed by their presence and encouragement for what is occurring locally.



• The Inaugural Advisory Board for the Garden launched with 25 in attendance, including some spouses at the beautiful Penrose House. A cross-section of leaders in the local faith community comprised of business, church and para-church organizations, attended as the vision of the Prayer Garden and opportunities for participation were shared.

• The Prayer Garden has a logo ! Sarah Thilenius, a third-year university student studying graphic design has applied her considerable creative talents with faithfulness and passion. She attended the Soft Opening on May 31st and generously volunteered her skills. It captures the idea of GPG very well!

Jesus, Fisher of Men

• Multiplying the Gateway story and vision of GPG is “Jesus Comes to your Church!”. Using the actual 7.25-foot tall, 650 lb. bronze replica of Jesus called “Fisher of Men”, a local church can enjoy the presence of this sculpture for periods of 2-4 weeks in their narthex. Simultaneously it can be used to inform churchgoers of the Gateway Prayer Garden. Call 719-574-0500 or Email [email protected] for more information about how your church may be blessed!

• Be sure to visit our website at www.GatewayPrayerGarden.org. There is now a Donation Banner tab and you can even commit to a monthly recurring gift and choose the timing. Building a monthly partnering community in this launch season of the Garden will help greatly!

GPG Intercessor’s Corner:


“She was young, advancing toward the Cross with boldness and respect. Could she come? Was she allowed to approach? These were her questions. Soon we heard her heart and story with authentic tears that spoke of her pursuit to be used by Jesus.

Her story was reminiscent of women in the Bible who would not be denied, to be in the presence of The Christ. Her sole request was for us to take a picture showing her at the Cross. Instead of a selfiesmiley-type pose, she had her back toward us and her arms raised in worship facing the Cross. Yes, she could come and so can every tongue tribe and nation.”

Tomi & Alanson Rawdon, Gateway Intercessors

Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Project Facilitator