There is a battle for the nation raging at this time, the consequences of which will influence future generations.  From corruption across many spheres of society, to lack of election integrity, to anti-God content forced into our public schools, NOW is a time to lean “forward in faith” into God’s purposes for this season of Kingdom history.

Our response?  At a minimum, be committed to vote regardless of what messages you may have received through communication channels that may discourage you from doing so.  The Church community is finally beginning to awaken to the dangers of our adversary who is pressing his attack on every sector of our communities.

For those in God’s Kingdom, failure is never an option regardless of what your eschatology may bring to your worldview.  God always wins.

The “Seen” World . . .

To facilitate your understanding and engagement (we highly suggest you vote in person), we provide the following multiple resources for you to consider using and urge you to vote in person on election Day, if at all possible.  We encourage you to forward this to friends if helpful.

Following are good principles and practical actions to take this year:

  1. Do not fill out your ballot at home with the intention of dropping it in a Ballot Drop Box or polling site, as it will be counted as a mailed-in ballot (this creates more opportunity for manipulation).
  2. Take the ballot which was mailed to you with you to the polling place and show it to them as proof that you have NOT yet voted (in case they say that you are recorded as having already voted by mail and you are denied the opportunity to vote in person).
  3. Request at the polling place that they provide you with a fresh printed ballot and they should do so.
  4. Destroy the ballot that was mailed to you after you complete the new one given to you at the polling place.
  5. Use BLUE inked pen to complete your ballot as this is harder to manipulate than black ink. 

Resources for your Assistance:

Helpful Links to Voting Locations, etc. (Truth and Liberty Coalition)' (American Family Association)

 The “Unseen” World . . . To participate in the “battle” in the unseen world with hands-on (hearts-on) strategic prayer we invite and encourage you to access the following:

Gateway Prayer Garden is joining with Colorado Springs Prayer Watch to see every Colorado community saturated in non-stop prayer bringing alignment with God’s purposes “on earth as it is in heaven" and calling all intercessors who want to stand with us on the wall once a month.  We are currently looking at the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 6:00 PM and ending at 6 AM for a 24 hour watch.  Please email [email protected] to learn more about how you can participate with fellow followers of Jesus.

The vision of Colorado Prays is to shift the spiritual climate across Colorado by covering it with non-stop day and night prayer.  You will be provided with prayer points and guidelines that will help you find your place on the wall like in the book of Nehemiah and where “our God will fight for us.” Neh. 4:20



Adventures in Missions this inaugural missions gathering in October provided an exceptional opportunity to attendees to be exposed to the “10/40 Window”; that part of the world with the most unreached peoples who have not heard of Jesus.  There were multiple mission groups present who shared what God is doing in this part of the world and opportunities to participate in what represents almost a third of the world’s population of over 7 billion people.

Prayer Pathways Completed ! –  The “Tent of Meeting” has come down for the year but the Pathway pavers are done !  When Audrey returns from India we’ll have a celebration!  This effort represents hundreds of man-hours by Randy Fiedler and his team of volunteers and we are so thankful for this gift of love for the Garden.  To know that thousands of people will walk on this ground and talk to the Lord over the years to come is no small contemplation.


India – Our own Audrey Beckett who has had a multi-decade investment financially and relationally in the poorest and most undeveloped state of Odisha, with Theresa and volunteers are in India at the moment.  They have experienced remarkable realities of God growing His family among the “unreached” people of this state.  More stories to follow of how prayers have been answered.


"First Fruits" Will Stream on our Facebook Page – Nov. 23 and Dec. 23 !

We continue to hear and learn more each month of celebrating “First Fruits” with George and Angie Sickler who lead worship and unfold the riches of the Hebrew calendar.  This month on Wednesday, November 23rd and next month on Friday, December 23rd we’ll Live Stream on our Facebook Page so watch for more details. (Facebook Link)