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October Newsletter 2019

October, 2019

Dear friends of Gateway Prayer Garden,

It’s Official!

After many months of struggle with the city government of Fountain, GPG has formally requested a change of zoning to fulfill the long term purposes of the Prayer Garden. We had reported previously with great thanksgiving that the City of Fountain had concluded the prayer garden could be considered as a "park" within its current zoning of a “Regional Commercial” district. 

From the beginning, we had provided to Fountain a broad visual overview of intended use and building construction on the land with the understanding this would be allowable with our current zoning. It became clear over the past year the city had a different understanding (although undefined in the code) of what a park is. Therefore, we proceeded with bringing a modular building for security and construction on site.

As a result, and with additional loss of time, a decision has been made to rezone the property to “Village Center” which will allow for construction of the Visitor Center, Chapel, places of worship, large Cross, and other envisioned structures.

Many Groups and Individuals are Continuing to Make Use of the Garden Site and Prayer Trail –

Recently, the Prayer Garden hosted a group of about twenty who were part of a larger gathering celebrating the Jewish feast called “Sukkot”, aka “Feast of Tabernacles.” They had been meeting for 8 days, many of them camping outdoors as the Feast prescribes, at the Pikes Peak Raceway grounds south of Colorado Springs. Led by Chaim Goldman, Sukkot of the Rockies is planned to be an annual event that prepares individuals to worship and prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

News Flash –

The Colorado State legislature passed legislation this year that will allow every taxpayer due a refund to assign/donate all or a portion of their refund to a qualifying non-profit organization. As more details are available we’ll keep you informed as the Gateway Prayer Garden certainly meets the criteria as presently communicated.

Don’t forget, Gateway Prayer Garden can receive gifts of vehicles!

Just click on this link Vehicle Blessing and it will take you to our website, enter your information, and we’ll do the rest!

  Please Pray Now for clarity of understanding the architectural designs, and conceptual plans that are presently required in submitting an in depth development plan.

Updated Welcome Video Available on the website –

For those of you wanting to share our latest GPG video just click on Prayer at the Trail and you can cut and paste the link and send to your friends and family.

Thank you for your prayers!

Mark R. Spengler, Director


September Newsletter 2019

September, 2019

Dear Friends of Gateway Prayer Garden,

No, we are not a Campground BUT . . . 

We were blessed to have to have a youth group from Venga Tu Reino (Thy Kingdom Come) church come down and spend a night praying for the Garden and to see God move in our community.

News FLASH . . .

Ted Beckett will be the main speaker at this month’s “People with a Purpose” gathering at the Pinery sharing an extraordinary life story from being a 17 year old Marine in Korea, to globally pioneering mission work in multiple nations, currently launching a Prayer Garden in the Pikes Peak region and being on point for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 47 concerning the Dead Sea.

The date is Thursday, September 12 at the Pinery on the Hill, 775 W. Bijou St., Colorado Springs from noon to 2PM. Just RSVP to Jeanette Johnson at 949-547-8421 to confirm your attendance before 9/9/2019.

Special Prayer for the Preborn Starting this Month . . .

Do you realize God’s plan for the destiny of our city is inextricably linked to our actions toward the most vulnerable among us? That includes pre-born children and women in crisis mode. Find out how you can pray beginning September 25th at Prayer for the Most Vulnerable. 

Now you can donate a vehicle to the Prayer Garden !

We now can accept gifts of vehicles . . .  Click on this link Vehicle Blessing and it will take you to our website, enter your information, and we’ll do the rest ! 

Please Pray Now ForThe City of Fountain to allow water and electric hookups to the Security/Construction building on site.

Be sure to visit GPG website and “Like” us on Facebook for continuous updates ! 

Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Director

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