Oct Newsletter 2020


Ted_Audrey_nl.jpgOn Saturday, October 10th at approximately 3:50 PM, Ted was called home after several weeks of struggling with complications from congestive heart failure.  As his wife Audrey was praying, Father God spoke into her spirit that Ted is one of God’s Generals.  God had need of Ted to work with him to formulate strategies to establish God’s Kingdom on earth.

A Celebration of Life service was held on Friday, October 16th at the Beckett Event Center and graveside observance at Evergreen Cemetery with military honors. Ted was proud to have served as a Marine!  Many ministry friends and family members shared how Ted influenced their lives and ministries.  An additional celebration of Ted’s life memorial service will occur on November 15th in California.  A video of the memorial service will be made available on-line.

Ted was a man of bold vision and faith.  His successful real estate development endeavors provided both resources and a platform for him to powerfully demonstrate his Christian faith.  Owning his own business allowed Ted flexibility with his time.  Ted made himself available to be used by God in miraculous ways in more than 70 countries.

Upon hearing the story of God’s plan to build a Prayer Garden on the land the Becketts owned in Fountain, he and his wife Audrey, made a momentous decision (see link) to gift this $2 million property for a Prayer Garden.  What excited Ted were the Prayer Trails which are now functioning. His story about the Prayer Trails is on-line (see link).

Pray with us that ALL the Lord has in mind for Gateway Prayer Garden will be faithfully created for His 21st century Kingdom purposes.


Flagstone Scripture Tile Example                                   
Legacy Prayer Benches Example

Legacy_Prayer_Benches_nl.jpgIn a 7-0 vote on Tuesday evening, October 6th, the Planning Commission of Fountain, Colorado approved the preliminary plat for Gateway Prayer Garden.  We are awaiting approval of the Final Plat and Development Plan.

This decision is the next step in allowing us to move ahead with setting the modular building as a construction and security office and then begin the physical layout of more

than 300 stone blocks that form the perimeter of the ground Cross as Legacy Prayer Benches.  We will begin fabricating 77 Scripture Flagstone Tiles (in both English and a foreign language).

If you’ve been following our activities over the past three years and concurrent tussle with government, you’re aware that we’ve never asked for financial support.  Now is the time and your opportunity to partner with us to going to another level of bringing the Prayer Garden to reality.


Saturday, December 12th, from 2:00-5:00 PM is the date and time we plan to host you on-site in our newly opened Security/Construction building.  This time is based upon all the remaining approvals finalized from the city of Fountain and a helpful weatherman . . . !

We hope you can make it!  More details to follow soon and make sure you Like and Follow us on Facebook at GPG Facebook to keep up to date with our activities.

It’s an exciting time to be serving our King !


Sept Newsletter 2020


On August 17, the Garden hosted on-site approximately 20 pastors and wives who had come to pray for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in the Pikes Peak region. That visit included participants burying the Word of God, pounding a stake in the ground, and commemorating the event with an engraved stone (shown below).

The words read “Kingdom of God Revolution, August 17, 2020”. These were pastors and spiritual leaders not cowed by the extreme (and inconsistent) Covid-19 restrictions being placed on church gatherings in Colorado and were among the first to re-open their doors for ministry.


As the nation continues to struggle in the midst of so much misinformation and dis-information regarding the Covid-19 virus, we encourage you to pray and act in obedience to our heavenly Father. Sickness and diseases stem from our spiritual enemy and the Prayer Garden and Trails is place of healing and restoration. It is also a place where we intercede for the civil affairs and leadership in our nation, both locally and nationally.

One of the issues affecting Colorado that is HIGH on God’s agenda is abortion. For the first time in 53 years, Coloradans will have the opportunity to begin to turn the tide on what has been unrestricted abortion by removing the practice of late-term abortion. We know ALL abortion not only grieves the heart of God but also brings devastation to the soul and spirit of those experiencing it. Our state has even been given the moniker of providing “tourism abortion” because of its readiness to allow abortions at any stage of pre-born child development.

The issue to decide whether late-term abortions will continue to be allowed in Colorado is called Proposition 115 and will be on the ballot this fall. We encourage you to pray for its passage and to volunteer in any one of multiple efforts in the Pikes Peak region to promote understanding of this matter. Link: Resource Material for Prop 115

The shedding of innocent blood is of highest importance to God and creates a foundation in our society and culture for all other forms of violence to occur including child abuse, domestic violence, and murder as well as polluting the land. (Numbers 35:33, Ps. 106:38)

Of course, voting is in obedience to God’s Word where Jesus says in three Gospels “render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and unto God those things that are God’s.”  Practically this includes voting and even if you don’t want to choose a candidate to support, you can at least pray and vote God’s will regarding LIFE.


Wherever you are you should recognize the importance of the election in November.  We have never seen the kind of issues facing voters in an election year with Covid-19, violence in the streets, and such political polarization.  If you’d like to ensure the voting process is kept on a level playing field in your city, consider volunteering. Link: Volunteer Here..

We are praying for the greatest outcome from the election for God’s Kingdom purposes in America and trust you are too.  “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  We believe this promise as we continue to pursue the vision of the Gateway Prayer Garden.

Pray with us for the Kingdom to come!

PS. We hope to have some encouraging news in our next newsletter regarding progress at the Garden and Prayer Trails!


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