As a Colorado resident it is critical that you be aware of what is taking place today. There is an absolutely dreadful and evil piece of legislation being proposed today (March 9th) by the Health and Insurance Committee of your Colorado state legislature. It is HB 1279 or Reproductive Health Equity Act or RHEA. and would result in Colorado becoming the most pro-abortion state in the nation. 

If passed, here are few specifics:

  • It will legalize the killing of a human being in the womb at any stage of pregnancy, even until the moment of birth, and make it into a state law. 
  • It declares that a woman has a fundamental right to end the life of her baby.
  • The bill prohibits ALL "State or local laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, regulatory guidelines and rules, practices, executive orders, and governmental actions and their implementation, whether statutory or otherwise" from limiting or refraining any access to abortions in any way, regardless of the age of the mother. This effectively ends any parental notification laws as well.
  • It perpetuates the lie that killing a human being is "Reproductive Health Care." 

And many other egregious actions which violate the normal human conscience.  Ignore the supporters of this bill no matter who they are or what they say.

Here’s what you can do:  

This is the link to testify in person or remotely. Attached are the steps on how to do it. You can listen to the hearings here. 

CONTACT the sponsors of the bill as well your own representative.  State Sen. Julie Gonzales (Denver), Rep. Meg Froelich (Englewood), and Rep. Daneya Esgar (Pueblo).  If you’re not sure who your Representative is, you can go here. Just plug in your residence address.

CONTACT members of the Committee hearing the bill:


You can also read the article by The Gazette newspaper.

It's imperative that you combine action with your prayers !

Thank you.

Mark R. Spengler, Director



The idea of obeying and demonstrating the “Great Commission” (Mt. 28:18-20) at a local level is integral to the mission and vision of the Gateway Prayer Garden. In addition to providing a place for personal prayer for our visitors we are also pro-actively partnering in the local community.

One of the ways we accomplish that is using the concept of the “7 Mountains” or spheres that most impact culture. These include Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media, and Church. This concept was downloaded in 1975 to two missionary statesmen, Loren Cunningham (YWAM) and Bill Bright (CRU), and other spiritual leaders have subsequently received similar understanding of how to effectively demonstrate the Kingdom of God in society.  See 7 Mountain History.

By having Prayer Trails that highlight this focus we engage in both prayer and in practical outreach with individuals called to these arenas.

As early as Tuesday, March 1st, (Yes, next Tuesday) provides your personal opportunity to bring local impact and blessing to this mountain simply with your presence and participation.

It's fairly simple – Just show up

The next generation
is looking for how to engage

Millions of Americans have become increasingly dismayed with actions of government - whether from health mandates or promotion of values in the culture that are hostile to Biblical beliefs.  In their wisdom, the leaders in education Founders established in our civil documents a set of checks and balances.  This included local control of education with school boards to keep accountability and relevance with local communities.

The system to sanction this promise is the time-honored practice of voting.  In Colorado, this begins with attendance at a neighborhood gathering and is called a caucus or precinct meeting.  We can’t stress enough how important it is for your presence at these gatherings.  If it’s the first time for your participation, don’t worry as it will be for others as well and certainly a learning experience.  We encourage you to become a precinct leader and run as a delegate in the upcoming party elections.

The Prayer Garden is about prayer AND action and we believe this information is necessary and helpful for you to act upon.  To attend, here is the information:

REPUBLICANS: Tuesday March 1 at 7 PM. (GOP Locator)

DEMOCRATS: Saturday, March 5 at 1 PM.
(Or call (303) 623-4762)

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to select individuals who support your values while opposing those who don’t.  Over the past several years we’ve been privileged to pray with and host a number of elected officials serving in government and expect this to increase.


Advance Prayer Team for the Educator Brunch

The results were rewarding as approximately one hundred registered to attend from all sectors of the Education Mountain: Public and Private teachers and administrators, Home-Schoolers, and even School Board members.  It’s just one example of what can occur as the Gateway Prayer Garden partners with others like the Valley Christian Academy and other educators.  There was effusive encouragement for those on the front lines serving the next generation, and individual prayer/empowerment from speakers who spoke authoritatively to both public and private educators.

Hosting the
“Bless the Educators Brunch”

and Empowering Educators

God has greater plans for this mountain and He wants us to seek Him for them.   Educators are precious (and sometimes undervalued) individuals in our community and we wanted to go on record in support of them.  Please pray that we understand His next steps in this arena.

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