Oct 7 Newsletter 2022


Previous communications had stated our “Adventure in Missions” outreach would begin Friday evening, October 14th from 6-8:30 PM.  With evening temperatures dropping down in the 40’s, we have changed course and will focus all our activities only on Saturday from 9 AM until 5:30 PM.

We are very excited to present our inaugural opportunity to expose those in the community to some top-quality Cross-Cultural mission speakers and worldview challenges.  It will also be our last opportunity to make use of the tent this year because of permit limitations.

Providing an experience with a major segment of the world on God’s heart in the “10/40 Window” is a vital part of the mission of the Garden and believe you will agree when you attend.

Pass this on to your friends and we look forward to seeing you at the Garden !

>>Download Printable Flyer HERE !


Sept 20 Newsletter 2022


We don’t normally send out more than one newsletter every month but given the Kingdom season we are in, both nationally and globally, felt it important to share this update and remind you again of this gathering . . .

Saturday, SEPT. 24, at 6:30pm with worship and prayer
Sunday, SEPT. 25, beginning at 2pm with a pre-event prayer at 1:30pm
• More speakers are being added
• Refreshments provided

SEPTEMBER 25 signifies the beginning of the year 5783 in the Hebrew calendar. While there are no longer legal obligations to keep the feasts (festivals) for us as followers of Jesus, there are still “shadows” and “types” of His reality we can benefit from understanding.

Valuable truths and even revelation can still be experienced from what are often seemingly hidden meanings from the Old Testament. Come and join us as George and Angie Sickler, Jack and Terri Brown, Audrey Beckett, and Theresa Moody will bring worship, teaching and leading this time together.

• Audrey Beckett will be sharing her heart on the Garden and the
leading the charge on Gods call for the Nations and how you can get involved.

• Terri Brown from the Table Church will be bringing prophetic understanding for this coming year. This will truly be something you will want to have ears to hear as she stays close to the Fathers heart for Gods people.

• Angie Sickler will be sharing more on our rich covenant roots and bringing more understanding on how we can align ourselves to God and the times and seasons we’re currently living in.

• Theresa Moody will be sharing a message that God has put on her heart for this coming year.