May Newsletter 2019

May, 2019

Dear Friends of the Gateway Prayer Garden,

“Walk and Pray” Highlights . . .

We began with our 12 week “Walk and Pray” campaign here in El Paso County in April and have been emphasizing prayer in each of the Seven Mountains of Arts and Entertainment, Commerce, Education, Family, Government, Media, and Religion on a weekly basis. If you haven’t been following us yet either on Facebook or the website we encourage you to do so. Just click type in Gateway Prayer Garden on Facebook or Gateway Prayer Garden.

Each week we provide a succinct video featuring someone, either locally or nationally, who is providing leadership in bringing a Kingdom message or influence role in affecting our culture.

It will culminate on Sunday afternoon at 2 PM, June 9th, on the Prayer Garden site in Fountain. We plan to be introducing the Gateway Prayer Garden to the wider Pikes Peak community in this season of Pentecost.

Recognition on the National Day of Prayer . . .

The Gateway Prayer Garden was graciously invited to present its ministry and participate in the National Day of Prayer here in El Paso County on May 2nd, 2019. The gathering was hosted by Compassion International at its national headquarters and a brief video describing its purpose and vision was shown to all attendees.

If you haven’t viewed this video yet, just click on this link: GPG - National Day of Prayer

Urgent Need !

If you know of anyone who owns or manages a trucking business in the El Paso County region, we need to transport 94 concrete stones to the Garden site. These will provide boundaries of the Cross and also seats in the planned amphitheater area. Each stone weighs a ton and cannot just be loaded on a pickup truck . . . If you know of someone with this possible resource please call 719-375-8099 or email [email protected]

 If you haven’t already, circle your calendar !  

Make plans to attend ! It would help us if you let us know you’re planning to attend by emailing us or RSVP on Facebook.

Hold the Date !

And don’t forget to share about the Gateway Prayer Garden with a friend on Facebook . . .

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We still have Volunteer Opportunities available for this summer . . .

Be thinking about how your church Youth group or Men’s group may want to come down to the Prayer Garden this summer and help further transform this amazing property into something that reflects the beauty and goodness of God. We’re going to keep reclaiming and beautifying the land along Fountain Creek as well. Email [email protected] or call 719-574-0500 for further details.

Be sure to visit for continuous updates !

Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Director

411 Lakewood Circle, Ste. B117, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Tel.719-574-0500 Website: E-Mail: [email protected]