May Newsletter 2017

Prayer Garden News

May, 2017

Dear Friends,

BIG NEWS . . . !

On May 31st at 12 noon we’ll be hosting a gathering for spiritual leaders to attend the blessing of the Gateway Prayer Garden. We hope you can make it on this special day of the Jewish celebration of Pentecost, also known as Shavuot. What is Pentecost, and what does it have to do with Shavuot … Please plan to attend and we hope you can make it. Circle your calendar ! 

Answers to Prayer Requests and Blessings that have occurred!

1) The 7 ft. “Fisher of Men” bronze sculpture has been cast and finished in Texas. This magnificent $42,500 artwork has been donated by Col. Bill Lewis, a 92 year old and his wife who performs Chaplain duty at the Coming King Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas.

2) A 20 ft. Open Cross has been donated by Tom Neppl of Springs Fabrication who also made the 5 story “Continuum” artwork in the America the Beautiful Park here in Colorado Springs.

3) The owner of the Hotel Elegante has donated a large (over 7 feet tall) stone engraving of the 10 Commandments which will become a part of the prayer Garden.

4) The GPG website is up and running and tells the Gateway Prayer Garden story. Be sure and visit it at

5) Ted and Mark were interviewed by Mark Skalberg on KGFT’s Partners in the Gospel radio station this month.

6) We have found a supplier for our 1 ton blocks that can be used throughout the garden.

Prayer Specifics for May and June 2017:

1) Ongoing favor with officials and people of influence in the city of Fountain as the Prayer Garden vision is appropriately shared.

2) Safe travel for the “Fisher of Men” sculpture from Texas to Colorado Springs.

3) Good weather May 31st!

4) Initial/Preliminary Site Work with landscaping, electrical hookups, lighting, water, etc.

Mark Spengler, Project Facilitator