March Newsletter 2019

March, 2019

Dear Friends of the Gateway Prayer Garden,

The lushness and greenery normally accompanying a visitor to the Fountain Creek Prayer Trail has given way to winter weather and only the bravest of prayer warriors challenge the elements these days.

Take Note !

Over the next 12 weeks we’re going to be rolling out a “Walk and Pray” campaign here in El Paso County we believe you’ll want to participate in!  It will culminate on Sunday afternoon at 2 PM, June 9th, on the Prayer Garden site in Fountain.  Circle your calendar now and make plans to attend !  We plan to be introducing the Gateway Prayer Garden to the wider Pikes Peak community in this season of Pentecost.

“Walk and Pray” will provide “hands-on” participation with each of the following:

  • How to pray for these specific categories of cultural influence called the 7 Mountains.
  • Feature a weekly focus on each Mountain.
  • Taking your prayer requests.
  • Bring streaming video clips from those providing local leadership in each of these spheres of influence asking for prayer.
  • We’ll be communicating these primarily through Facebook with appropriate links and believe it will be a very productive time together as we continue to seek the spiritual, social and physical well-being of the Pikes peak region.
  • To better understand the origins and story of the “7 Mountain Mandate” go to

Watch for more details and if you haven’t “LIKED” us on Facebook, yet, please do so at . Share with your friends as well !

Security-Construction Office Expected to be Open by Spring

Gateway Prayer Garden suffered damage to its building during that destructive hail storm last year that will require replacing the roof and windows before use.

Please pray for the wheels of government – both local and federal for approval of our LOMR-F maps which demonstrate the Prayer Garden elevations are out of the flood plain.  Once received, we can move to the next level of approval by City of Fountain for our preliminary and final plat, development plan, and power and water hookups to our Security/Construction office presently on site.  This can take several more weeks to complete.

Thank you for Praying for the Following:

Breakthroughs and expedited handling of all Prayer Garden related issues with the City of Fountain.

  • Expanded social media presence to provide greater awareness of what is coming with the Prayer Garden.
  • Creation of an effective communication strategy with local radio stations for Spring implementation.
  • Protection from vandalism.

Volunteer Opportunity . . .

Be thinking about how your church Youth group or Men’s group may want to come down to the Prayer Garden this Spring and help further transform this amazing property into something that reflects the beauty and goodness of God.  We’re going to keep reclaiming and beautifying the land along Fountain Creek as well. Contact [email protected] or call 719-574-0500 for further information.

Remember, “Prayer is the fuel that powers the engine of the Kingdom of God.”

Be sure to visit for continuous updates !


Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Director


411 Lakewood Circle, Ste. B117, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Tel.719-574-0500 Website:  E-Mail [email protected]