June Newsletter 2020

June, 2020

Dear Friends of Gateway Prayer Garden,

Sunday, May 31st was history making as we inaugurated a Prayer Circle on our new “Southern Trail” with a focus of serving the military. Here’s the link for your viewing of the activities that occurred on Pentecost Sunday. GP PENTECOST SUNDAY

If you were unable to attend, you missed an opportunity to hear a personal testimony from Chaplain (Major) Chad Davis who lost men to war in Iraq and carried the personal grief, trauma, and spiritual baggage of these experiences for many years. In 2017 he was healed from PTSD and his story will be an encouragement to many in the years to come who are suffering.

1_of_2_may.jpgSpiritual leaders from here in El Paso County led us in prayers dedicating this new Prayer Circle and it was a moving experience because of the Lord’s presence with us.

We were also able to announce that just two days before (Friday, May 29th) we received our final approval from FEMA stating the upper portion of land where the Prayer Garden and facilities are to occur is clearly out of the flood-way. Now that obstruction is eliminated and we can go ahead with our submissions to the city of Fountain.

The important results of this approval will allow the installation of water, sewer, and electricity taps to our modular and it becomes a critical interface for hosting, construction activity, and providing security for the land.

2020 has been our year of release and we look forward to further engaging with you personally as we begin to plan in terms of further expanding the southern Prayer Trail, forming the Cross-outlined pathway with the more than 200 blocks presently on site, and gaining approval for our site development plan.

Now that nature has turned the Prayer Trails green and Covid-19 and it’s horrible legacy of multiplied suffering on so many levels is behind us, we are looking forward to a productive year for the Kingdom and realizing His plans and provisions for this this ministry. Please plan to visit in the near future as the nation needs prayer more than ever.

For His purposes to be fulfilled in the Pikes Peak region,

Mark R. Spengler, Director