July Newsletter 2019

July, 2019

Dear Friends of the Gateway Prayer Garden,

Those who were in attendance on-site June 9th for our Pentecost celebration heard Audrey Beckett declare, “It’s time for a breakthrough”. And we agree as we’ve been wrestling and negotiating with the City of Fountain, County Regional Planning, and even the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for over two years for appropriate permitting for this Prayer Garden.

As just one example, the Becketts had put in hundreds of thousands of dollars of creek bank improvements to ensure the property was above flood plain so that buildings could be constructed and commercial development occur. FEMA had made mistakes with its calculations and placed the Prayer Garden land in the flood way zone initiating a Letter of Violation to the City of Fountain.

Pentecost Sunday Reflects Progress and Remaining Challenges . . . !

      Committed to Being Good Neighbors . . .

 The city of Fountain has requested our assistance in protecting Bandley Drive (the frontage road to the Prayer Garden) by placing cement blocks committed to the Prayer Garden site next to the roadway. By limiting access to truckers on the roadside we protect adjacent properties and benefit mutually with the redeployment of some of our blocks.

A local company (Arrow Moving and Storage) Arrow Website has blessed the project greatly by donating transport for dozens of one-ton concrete blocks that will be used in the Prayer Garden. The owner, David Ottoes, is a person of Christian faith and sees his business as a Kingdom expression for which we are very grateful !

The City of Fountain provided the equipment and we provided the containment blocks . . .

Special Teaching on Intercessory Prayer we Believe You’ll Benefit Greatly by Watching Prayer Makes a Difference

 New Signage on our Security/Construction Office . . .


Now you can actually tell when you arrive at the Prayer Garden! We have a large sign installed and are just awaiting permitting from the City of Fountain to hook up our power and water. Please pray for this next step so we can set and occupy the building.

Please Pray Now For:

Permitting by the City of Fountain to allow use of the Security/Construction Building.

Be sure to visit www.gatewayprayergarden.org for continuous updates !


Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Director

411 Lakewood Circle, Ste. B117, Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Tel.719-574-0500 Website: www.gatewayprayergarden.org E-Mail: [email protected]