July Newsletter 2017

Prayer Garden News

July, 2017

Dear Friends,


Commemorating the Day of Pentecost, on May 31st at 12 noon the GPG Team hosted fifty friends to acknowledge what God had accomplished in a short amount of time at the Gateway Prayer Garden site. Thank you to those who prayed, gave and attended the gathering. For any who couldn’t make it, visit www.gatewayprayergarden.org to watch the 4 minute video sharing the story of that day.


Cross Dedication

Gateway May 31st Prayer Garden Convocation

Open Cross

The Open Cross

At Gateway Prayer Garden

Aerial View

Aerial View of the Event

Statue  Jesus, Fisher of Men

Help us move Jesus

Answers to Prayers and Prayer Requests for July/August!

1) The 20 ft. Open Cross donated by Springs Fabrications is up and visitors have started arriving.

2) The 7 ft. high, 600 lb.,“Fisher of Men” bronze sculpture that was cast and finished in Texas arrived in Colorado Springs and awaits it’s unveiling and use to share the vision of the Prayer Garden. All that is needed is a trailer for easy roll on-roll off of the sculpture enabling transport to various churches and activities to share the story of the Prayer Garden and be an encouragement to many.

3) As one local pastor was praying during the dedication service that “the wind of the Holy Spirit would be present and go forth from this place” a gust of wind occurred that almost lifted the temporary shelter off the ground. Think Acts 2:1-2. It was a powerful confirmation to all and we encourage you to view it on our website at http://gatewayprayergarden.org/home/prayergarden-opens/

4) Ongoing favor with officials and people of influence in the city of Fountain to receive permission and permits to continue developing the Garden.

5) A security and live streaming video system would be identified and installed.


We want to introduce you to a couple you will get to know very well over the next months and years as they lead our GPG Intercession Team. Here is a short bio from them:

Tomi and Alanson Rawdon love Jesus and the nations. Their hearts cry is to love Jesus more and draw others to love Him as well. Their calling of intercession and evangelism helps build portals of the presence of God whereby people can be saved, healed, delivered and released into their God-given destiny. They have both traveled the world on assignments from God, praying to prepare the way of the Lord in people, businesses, neighborhoods, and nations. The goal is always the same, intimacy with Him to bring breakthrough everywhere. Dr. Alanson and Tomi have been married for five years and they believe the Gateway Prayer Garden assignment is a perfect fit for their gifts and callings.

Gateway Prayer Garden Intercessor’s Corner:


“The truck pulled up just a few minutes after we had started our regular Tuesday morning prayer time at the Cross. We thought perhaps it was someone arriving late, but a young boy got out and approached us. His bright red hair contrasted with the worried look on his face. “Have you seen a dog running around here?” Having just driven the entire perimeter of the garden, we assured him that we had not and promised to keep our eyes open for his dog.

I (Tomi) walked back to the truck with him and introduced myself to his mother. As we briefly chatted, she asked, “What kind of place is this?” So I shared the purpose of the Gateway Prayer Garden, letting her know she was welcome anytime.

I could sense this was a Divine appointment and she began to open her heart up to me. I prayed for her, tears fell, and sweet Holy Spirit touched her heart.

This was ministry flowing in the most natural way. She left with a lighter heart and knowing she is loved. I returned to our little group of intercessors with the kiss of a promise from God and another foretaste of many such encounters at the Gateway Prayer Garden.”

-Tomi and Alanson Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Project Facilitator