January Newsletter 2017

Gateway Prayer Garden News

January, 2017

Dear Friends of the Cross, Wow! Each week the Lord surprises us with a new relationship or understanding that supports building the spiritual infrastructure for the Gateway Prayer Garden (GPG). The Big news is, we don’t need to wait for the “soft-opening” for it to be a place of prayer and ministry. GPG will open in May.

Jesus, Fisher of Men

“Jesus, Fisher of Men” Sculpture is in production
and scheduled for completion this Spring

Some specific answers to prayer include the following:

1) A recently retired (12/01/16) Army Chaplain from Fort Carson adjacent to the Prayer Garden Site is on the team! Unknown to us He has been praying on the actual site since 2013, and asking the Lord for it to become a place of ministry. Raymond also serves as a Chaplain with the Fountain police and fire departments. He had even begun a home fellowship and named it “Outside the Gates Worship Center”.

2) We have the beginnings of a Core Team of Intercessors to do the “heavy spiritual lifting” for this ministry to move ahead. Their names are Tomi and Alanson Rawdon and we are delighted with them and how the Lord has prepared them for this critical role.

3) A local businessman who owns a metal engineering and fabrication business and who was named “Colorado Springs Businessman of the Year” in 2015 has committed to constructing a temporary 20-25 ft. Cross that we can use in our Rollout of the Garden this Spring.

4) Our first sculpture that was donated in December is in production and is pictured below. Max Greiner, the designer has committed to bringing the completed “Jesus, Fisher of Men” to our May opening.

Prayer Specifics for early 2017:

1) A website designer so we can provide written and visual access to the project’s progress.

2) The completion of an “artist’s rendering” that portrays an initial visual representation of what the Gateway Prayer Garden will look like when finished.

3) Team Leaders and participants to be identified and confirmed in the following categories:

  • Military Ministry Liaison
  • Land Preparation and Cleanup
  • Chaplaincy Program
  • Advisory Board
  • Graphic Art and Design assistance
  • Office volunteers
  • Website Designer
  • Initial/Preliminary Site Work with electrical hookups, lighting etc.

4) A fundraising Group to spearhead donor acquisition.

Please make copies of this letter and feel free to send to others you sense will have a burden for a place to cry out to God in the Pikes Peak region.

The Gateway Prayer Garden Team