December 01, 2016

Gateway Prayer Garden News

December, 2016

We have much to celebrate as we look back over the first few months of activity since receiving the Lord’s assignment of a Prayer Garden for the southern approach to Colorado Springs. From the release of the 24 acres (free and clear) of commercially zoned property valued at $3 million plus, to visiting the initial Prayer Garden template in Kerrville, Texas, to understanding the Lord’s design for this beautiful land bordering on the Fountain Creek (which is more like a river) – we are greatly encouraged.

Jesus, Fisher of Men

Jesus, Fisher of Men

Some specific answers to prayer include the following:

We have an office! Its location is Suite C203B at 411 Lakewood Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. Stop by and visit any time!

2) During our trip to Texas, a new friend who serves on the chaplaincy of the Sculpture Prayer Garden, donated $45,000 to pay for our first sculpture (in production now) of “Jesus, Fisher of Men”. See below photo of the seven-foot high masterpiece. It’s planned completion in the Spring will make it available for the opening.

3) In November, a highly qualified and gifted land planner and design architect joined the team and we have begun to visualize the downloads from heaven by putting pen to paper.

4) These “downloads” have included three significant structures in addition to the pre-eminent Empty Cross™ a) An “Inspiring Chapel”, b) A “Hall of Heroes”, and c) A “Hall of Declaration”. You’ll be hearing more about each of these in the months ahead.

5) A Texas attorney has donated assistance in forming and submitting the legal paperwork to apply for our 501(c) 3 non-profit tax exempt status and will be finalizing these documents soon.

6) A local and long time well respected pastor in Colorado Springs has committed to help lead the forming and shaping of a ministry committee in such a way that the Prayer Garden belongs to the community and not just another Christian organization.

7) Position descriptions for the many volunteer sectors that will make this outreach successful are being finalized and defined in such a way as to make “room at the table” for participation.

8) A “soft opening” on site is planned to present the mission and vision of the Gateway Prayer Garden in the Spring (April/May) to supporters and participants.

9) Identification and potential availability of online teaching and training content for follow up with Prayer Garden visitors.

10) Identification of a promising stone and landscaping supply company.

11) Positive negotiations have begun with a local steel fabrication company that could construct the Empty Cross.™

Prayer Specifics for early 2017:

1) A team leader for a small group of core intercessor’s that will help pray this ministry into reality.

2) A website designer so we can provide written and visual access to the project’s progress.

3) The completion of an “artist’s rendering” that portrays an initial visual representation of what the Gateway Prayer Garden will look like when finished.

4) Team Leaders and participants to be identified and confirmed in the following categories:

  • Military Ministry Liaison
  • Land Preparation and Cleanup
  • Chaplaincy Program
  • Advisory Board
  • Graphic Art and Design assistance
  • Office volunteers

5) Fundraising Group to spearhead donor acquisition.

The Gateway Prayer Garden Team