December Newsletter 2017

Prayer Garden News

December, 2017

Dear Friends of Gateway,

Activities carry on as the vision and understanding of God’s plans for the Prayer Garden continue to unfold . . .

Latest Donation for the Prayer Garden!

You may recall a prayer request in an earlier newsletter the need for a trailer to transport the 7ft. tall, 635 lb. sculpture that was the first major donation to the Garden earlier this year by Col. Bill Lewis and his wife, Lou, from Kerrville, Texas.

Col. Bill Lewis with the “Fisher of Men”


How the Lord answered that Prayer . . .

With the donation of a trailer by an Advisory Board member, next steps are occurring for the blessing of the Fisher of Men sculpture to grace entryways in various churches throughout the southern Pikes Peak region informing them about the Gateway Prayer Garden.

John Holgate (L), GPG Site Manager

and Dwight Johnson (R), Trailer Donor

On the road in Colorado Springs . . .

The first Church to host the” Fisher of Men” sculpture!

Valley Calvary Fellowship in Fountain will be placing the sculpture in its foyer in the beginning of the New Year. It is so appropriate that Pastor John Bornschein, who has many years of prayer movement leadership in the nation, has committed to introducing this powerful depiction of Jesus in such close proximity to the Prayer Garden site.

Now it’s your turn . . .

You may want this powerful physical portrayal of Jesus to grace the entryway of your church . . . If so, just send us an email requesting the invitation form that you can use with your pastor and we’ll put it in the mail to you immediately!

Have you noticed . . .?

Magnificent Crosses are beginning to dot the landscape across the country and serve millions of travelers on major thoroughfares . . . Crosses like the ones below are multiplying and one such Cross in Groom, population 587, is located on Interstate 40 east of Amarillo, Texas.

198’ Cross

Effingham, IL

125’ Cross

Gardendale, AL

195’ Cross

Groom, TX

Thank you for your prayers!

Mark Spengler, Project Facilitator