Dec 22 Newsletter 2022

No matter how hard our adversary works to eradicate remove the Word of God and its life transforming power in our world and cultures, he can never remove Christ from the word Christmas.  The Kingdom is without end and we can expect historic breakthroughs in the next months as prophetic words are fulfilled among us as a nation and in the world.

2022 - WHAT A YEAR . . .
Our hearts are full of God’s faithfulness as we consider those coming as first-time visitors or attending Kingdom activities in our “Tent of Meeting” as well as physical changes occurring.  From our inaugural Resurrection Sunday (Easter) service and Garden Tomb presentation, praise, worship and teaching gatherings, launching “Adventure In Missions” this fall, original art work placed in all our 7 Mountain prayer circles, and Trinity Fountain placed among our Stones of Remembrance, we have been blessed.

Most of all, we cherish His presence and words that touch the hearts and minds of our visitors.  When you pray for the Garden, may that be at the top of your list!

WE KNOW YOU’VE PROBABLY RECEIVED A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR YEAR END GIVING . . . and we’d be delighted for you to continue partnering with us as we move to the next significant addition to the Prayer Garden.  We have another major matching gift which will speed our way to the construction of the PRAYER AND WORSHIP CENTER. Next month we’ll send you an artist’s conceptual drawing of the facility providing year-round capacity to meet the needs of those desiring spiritual help as God brings them through our doors.

Look what happened this year, and what can happen in 2023 !


Be a part of the Garden continuing to fulfill its mission ! Fulfilling its Mission

For the Kingdom!