April Newsletter 2017

Gateway Prayer Garden News

April 17, 2017


Dear Friends of the Cross,

For those of you who are familiar with the Kerrville “Coming King Sculpture and Prayer Garden” which has served as a model for the core of the Prayer Garden here in the Pikes Peak region, you may know that it’s launch was accompanied by physical manifestations in and over the land. The Gateway Prayer Garden has a story to share with you as well. This comes from husband and wife prayer intercessor team members Tomi and Alanson Rawdon and is communicated below in the “Prayer Garden Personal Story Corner”.


We are continuing to work toward the “Spring Launch” on the Biblical Feast Day of Shavuot (Wednesday, May 31st) and Sunday, June 4th, when Christians celebrate Pentecost. Further details will be forthcoming.

Requests for prayer from last month have been answered!

1) Gateway Prayer Garden has received it’s 501 (c) 3 non-profit tax exempt status from the IRS and we can now directly receive gifts-in-kind and financial gifts and provide a tax-deductible receipt to donors. Those desiring to partner with the GPG ministry can send checks made out to “Gateway Prayer Garden” and mailed to GPG, 411 Lakewood Circle, Ste. C203B, Colorado Springs, CO 80919. Gifts made by credit card will be possible in the future as well.

2) The scope and reach of the Prayer Garden vision is expanding and being embraced as it continues to be shared in small groups and one-on-one with key individuals of influence in the Pikes Peak region, including local pastors in Fountain.

3) A commitments received from a local plumber to hook up the water line for irrigation that will serve the Garden.

4) Support received from a large local construction company to help with land preparations for the Spring ministry launch.

5) As this news is being read, the initial 20’ Cross is under construction!

6) Initial presentation to the city of Fountain for a pre-application meeting.

Prayer Specifics for April 2017:

1) Ongoing favor with officials and people of influence in the city of Fountain as the Prayer Garden vision is appropriately shared.

2) A website designer to provide written and visual access to the project’s progress.

3) Team Leaders and participants to continue to be identified and confirmed in the following categories:

  • Military Ministry Liaison
  • Chaplaincy/site ministry development
  • Advisory Board members
  • Graphic Art and design assistance
  • Initial/Preliminary Site Work with electrical hookups, lighting, water, etc.

4) A fundraising group to spearhead donor relationship building.

Gateway Prayer Garden Personal Story Corner:


“The first Sunday in February Alanson and Tomi went out to the land to pray and bless it. The doors were open on the truck with worship music playing. Tomi had been asking God for a sign in the natural world of things going on in the spiritual world.

Alanson said, “What is that?” pointing up over the Cottonwoods. It was a Bald Eagle. So beautiful ! Soaring around and around those trees. They stood in awe and watched as the eagle got higher and higher until he was a speck, then gone from sight. A wonderful sign of God blessing the Gateway Prayer Garden project.

Slowly, not wanting to give up the moment they got back into the truck to leave for home, praising and thanking God for such a wonderful sight. As they sat down Tomi gasped, “LOOK!”. There were two Bald Eagles circling over the truck. They both jumped out and watched as the magnificent birds glided higher and higher. A double blessing!

It wasn’t a formal prayer, it was the best kind of prayer, deep from within a heart that only He heard and chose to answer. It was a both a confirmation and an assurance that God’s strength will be present and sufficient to bring to pass what He has declared as we wait on Him.

The land of the Gateway Prayer Garden is blessed land.”

Mark Spengler, Project Facilitator

Feel free to forward or make copies of this letter and send to others you sense will have a burden for a place to cry out to God in the Pikes Peak region.